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Struggling With Your Weight & Wellness?

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Meet Roberta 

I’m Roberta. I’m a functional medicine coach and I am so happy you are here!

I’ve always been fascinated with the medical field and started my career as a dentist. I went on to pursue a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture), which led me to develop an interest in a holistic approach to life and wellness.  

In researching ways to help my sister cope with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, I realized there was and is a gap in the medical system. Through this realization my story began to change and a new passion arose; I started to understand that lifestyle very often has a profound affect on the course of an illness.

The combination of family health issues and professional experience brought me to study functional medicine. Functional medicine is a field of healthcare that seeks to understand the root cause of disease, and how diet and lifestyle strongly influence a person’s health.

However, people struggling with a newly diagnosed health condition may feel overwhelmed by the new diet and lifestyle recommendations their doctor gives them. They wonder how they can do about developing the new habits needed to heal their bodies.

The conventional healthcare system has grown so dependent on Big Pharma prescribing away every symptom. Our society has forgotten how we live our lives has a huge impact not only on our happiness and well-being, but our physical health. We all want to live a life full of meaning, zest and fun! 

I believe in order to restore health we need to look at all aspects of our lives: mind, body, spirit, relationships and environment. 

Today, after my Functional Medicine training and my extensive personal and professional dedication to healthcare, I am well prepared to serve and help you follow a path toward wellness. 

Let’s build a bridge together so you can quickly be who you want to be.

You got this, and you are not alone!

What does working with me look like?


This 10-week personalized coaching package is for individuals who are tired of struggling with health concerns. This package is for you if:

  • You’re confused about what to do to feel better.

  • You’re seeking personalized care and support in order to manage certain health symptoms and concerns.

  • You’ve already tried everything you can think of to feel better but nothing seems to work.


What’s included:
• weekly one-hour 1:1 calls by phone or video chat
• clear step-by-step roadmap to change habits and maintain them
• weekly goal check-ins to monitor your progress
• all resources and information you need in order to implement your plan
• detailed session follow up notes with action steps, recipes, articles and hand outs • unlimited email and text support (M - F 9am - 6pm)

Pay in Full: $800
Pay Weekly: $85/Session

I am so happy I gave Roberta a chance. I am now in the best shape, my lab results came back normal including my cholesterol and I have lost 6 pounds in one week eating real food. Roberta's program is amazing and WORKS. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Gisele Tomich, Tomich Technique

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