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How does the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer measure the body's response to frequency?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Each of the 650 items listed on the vitals report include information on the body’s response to the Frequency Optimization. Although many disorders can be corrected through Frequency Optimization alone, obviously not all issues will respond to this treatment. The Comprehensive Scan delves deeper into those specific organs, tissues, or systems that remain in an imbalanced state. Measured values are compared with a database of over 120,000 cataloged readings. This veritable encyclopedia of empirical data reveals the underlying causes of these issues. With this information in hand, the individual can then obtain the appropriate complementary forms of therapy such as custom-formulated nutraceuticals and IV Nutrition, and personalized fitness training to get back into a balanced state of vibrant health.


Vitals Scan

The Vital Scan mode of the device performs a complete scan of over 550 functions of the body and completes this scan in under 1 minute while accessing the data to produce a 24-page detailed report.

Comprehensive Scan

This Comprehensive Scan mode performs an even more detailed scans on over 130 organs, cell, bones and chromosomes throughout the body as it prepares for client an in-depth graphical report. Each of these scans only take between 12 and 20 seconds each. This mode also offers a comprehensive library.

Frequency Optimization

This function of the system evaluates every scan and determines what custom series of corrective frequencies get sent to the brain helping encourage the body to self correct issues that are not in the optimum range through a process known as Sympathetic Vibration.

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